I don’t know how to tell you that am broken without feeling needy

I don’t know how to tell you I love you when you love another

I don’t know how to tell you I miss you without having to sound desperate

I don’t know how to cry, because you won’t wipe my tears

I don’t know how to text you because my messages go unanswered

I just need you to see that am hurting



When all is done

Darkness is in control

All is silent

It’s just me

Not forgetting my phone

It’s the only company

I love in the dark

Am afraid of darkness

But what my phone

Does to me makes

Me long for the nights

So my phone has this app

Where I can download any book

I love reading

I love reading romantic novels

In the dark

I would re-read

Bared to you by Sylvia Day

Over and over again

In the dark

Because of what it does

To me in the dark

I can’t tell you what it does to me

Only my hands can do the saying

And the darkness

Of course.

Will she find Love? 

I lay on that bed,

It’s not even past five minutes ,

But our memories together come flashing back ,

I try fighting them back, can’t help but just embrace them. 

Memories of the moments we spent together, 

Is the invisible weevil inside me, 

As time passes, eating up a portion of me,

Sooner or later it’s going to finish me. 

Then, I try to find a solution to this weevil, 

Falling in love again is the idea in mind, 

And the love finding mission is now at start. 
Where should I seek for this love? 

Will I find it? 

Will this new love fill in the space you left? 

Was I meant for love? 

Why Justin Beiber had no idea Selena Gomez had a kidney Transplant.

News that Selena Gomez underwent a kidney transplant earlier this summer shocked her fans, and it also took her ex Justin Bieber by surprise as well! We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on how he was totally in the dark about her operation.

If Jelena fans were still holding out hope that there was still a connection between Selena Gomez , 25, and Justin Bieber, 23, the fact that he didn’t know she

underwent a top-secret kidney transplant should be proof enough that these two don’t stay in contact. The “Hands To Myself” singer shocked the world when she revealed on Sept. 14 that her best friend Francia Raisa , 29, donated one of her kidneys to Selena after her Lupus condition required the operation earlier this summer. Justin found out just like the rest of her fans via her Instagram post about it because they just don’t talk anymore.

“He is hearing about this just as everyone is hearing about it. He’s he is happy that she is okay, but he has no interest in contacting her to see how she is doing. This will not be a catalyst for them to talk again. He is generally happy she is okay, but that is all he wants to deal with right now when it comes to her,” a source close to the Biebs tells HollywoodLife.com